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Re: Information regarding problem when Windows cannot re-use PID numbers

I would be interested in a listing of ALL Windows programmes which allocate
and not free their memory
I have noted that when I have more than 12 windows open on my desktop
Internet Explorer will GPF.
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From: "Yorick Koster" <>
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Sent: Saturday, August 09, 2003 10:40 AM
Subject: Re: Information regarding problem when Windows cannot re-use PID

> Hello list,
> Rogier & I have been busy trying to isolate the memory leak problem we
> have encountered on Win2k machines. A lot of people on this list have
> suggested this is in fact a Win2k problem. We have indeed verified this
> is indeed not a CygWin issue, but I am not totally convinced this is a
> Windows problem. The following command can be used to reproduce the leak:
> FOR /L %a IN (1,1,65535) DO echo exit | cmd
> By using the task manager, you can notice an increase in the use of
> memory. symptoms:
> - the available free physical memory reduces with a constant interval,
> this will continue untill all physical memory is used
> - apparently Windows can not swap this space, when it is no longer
> possible to start a new command shell, there is still lots of swap space
> available
> - the memory is never freed, not even when a user logs off
> - starting more applications will eventually cause Windows to crash
> The reason why I am not convinced this is a Windows problem, is because
> of the fact that I have tested this on several Win2k machines, some of
> them suffer from this bug while others do not. These machines are
> identical and are installed using the same image. My guess was that it
> is related to same 3rd party services, likely antivirus and/or personal
> firewall software.
> zenma wrote:
> >I had to reinstall Windows to find what is causing it, and finally was
able to do it.
> >It was a Firewall software called Agnitum Outpost which was causing such
a bad behavior. When i uninstalled this application problems have gone and
windows was able to re-use PID numbers again as it should. This is related
to both Outpost 1.0 and 2.0 versions. This was tested on different computers
(Windows XP [SP1]).
> >I have sent a bug report few days ago regarding this problem to Agnitum.
> >
> The machines that suffer from this bug have indeed Outpost installed,
> however I have manually stopped the Outpost service on these machines
> and run the test mentioned above. I have not yet uninstalled Outpost,
> but because it has helped solve the problem for you, I'll try this
> monday when I am at work. I hope Agnitum can solve this issue.
> >I know, this is not related to cygwin, but i thought it might be a
valuable information to some people who ran into this problem and was not
able to find the cause.
> >
> >
> I too think this is valuable information, especially because
> ./configure, make & make install are frequent used commands by CygWin
> Regards,
> Yorick
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