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Re: Information regarding problem when Windows cannot re-use PID numbers

On Sat, Aug 09, 2003 at 07:40:57PM +0200, Yorick Koster wrote:
>Hello list,
>Rogier & I have been busy trying to isolate the memory leak problem we 
>have encountered on Win2k machines. A lot of people on this list have 
>suggested this is in fact a Win2k problem. We have indeed verified this 
>is indeed not a CygWin issue, but I am not totally convinced this is a 
>Windows problem. The following command can be used to reproduce the leak:
>FOR /L %a IN (1,1,65535) DO echo exit | cmd
>By using the task manager, you can notice an increase in the use of 
>memory. symptoms:
>- the available free physical memory reduces with a constant interval, 
>this will continue untill all physical memory is used
>- apparently Windows can not swap this space, when it is no longer 
>possible to start a new command shell, there is still lots of swap space 
>- the memory is never freed, not even when a user logs off
>- starting more applications will eventually cause Windows to crash
>The reason why I am not convinced this is a Windows problem, is because 
>of the fact that I have tested this on several Win2k machines, some of 
>them suffer from this bug while others do not. These machines are 
>identical and are installed using the same image. My guess was that it 
>is related to same 3rd party services, likely antivirus and/or personal 
>firewall software.

The above would certainly rule out cygwin then since there isn't any cygwin

Does RAMpage "fix" this problem, assuming you can even run it?  If so,
that would indicate a memory fragmentation problem rather than a lack
of memory problem.


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