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Re: proftpd issues

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003 wrote:

> Since having gotten xinetd working, I've shifted my effortst to the new
> proftpd.
> After another couple of hours of *pain* - I finally got it going in a
> limited fashion.
> First of all, I couldn't get it to start with the SYSTEM id as indicated in
> the proftpd.conf file.
> I had to use a custom ID added to the Administrators group and having the
> following User Rights assigned:
> "Act as part of the operating system"
> "Replace process level token"
> "Increase quotas"
> Question: Do these rights *have* to granted to the SYSTEM id for proftpd to
> work?

Yes.  Since you've as much as quoted from the ntsec userguide section, I'm
not going to bother citing a reference.  The above rights are needed to
switch user contexts.  SYSTEM has it by default on most NT-based versions
of Windows (but may not on some more recent ones, notably 2003 server).

> Next - I could log on with local id's - but not with Domain id's. Is proftpd
> set up to do domain authentication via ntsec??
> If not, is there an ETA?
> Brian Kelly

Cygwin (ntsec) is already set up for domain authentication.  However, to
be able to authenticate a domain user, that domain user has to be in
/etc/passwd (and his groups should most likely be in /etc/group).  Make
sure your /etc/passwd includes the users you're trying to authenticate.
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