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Re: SSH session terminates with Ctl+C

Jeff Nokes wrote:

Don't do that.  Set CYGWIN to 'tty' in your environment before starting
Cygwin.  See <>.

Hi Larry,
Sorry about the confusion, I've never had to set this before, and I thought
that you meant the bash environment.  Your suggestion worked, but only when I:

set CYGWIN tty

... in the .bat file I use to start the cygwin bash shell (cmd.exe). If I set
this same environment variable in my windows environment (settings ->
control_panel ...) it didn't work. Interestingly enough, either way I set it,
it did show up as being set in my bash environment once I started the shell. But I'm not sure why one way works over the other.

Anyway, I'm happy your suggestion works; no more Ctl+C killing my ssh
sessions.   Thank you very much.  Maybe we can end this rediculously long
thread now!

Glad to hear this works.  Setting 'tty' in CYGWIN from the control panel
should work as well.  That's the way I do it.  So there's something a
bit fishy there.  But, no matter (for you) I expect.  I am still surprised
that it's dependent on the server you log into, all things considered.
I'm fine with leaving that as a mystery for another day though.

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