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Re: SSH session terminates with Ctl+C

--- Larry Hall <> wrote:
> Don't know why this would make a difference with one server and not the
> other but do you have 'tty' set in your CYGWIN environment?  If not, you
> might try it.  The fact that rxvt doesn't have the problem sounds like
> it's a tty thing, though playing around with it here, I still can't
> reproduce the behavior you described.
> Larry

Hi Larry,
One point I'd like to add to my previous post is that I have since found out
how to get rid of my xauth warning.  I tried the advice in the following link
and it worked:

But, even now, while successfully creating ssh sessions that forward X packets
fine, without the xauth warning, a Ctl+C still kills my ssh session.  Weird! 
I guess the bottom line with my particular issue (in my environment) is that
whenever I forward X packets over ssh in my cygwin bash (cmd.exe) shell, my
local ssh client is trapping the Ctl+C I'm trying to send the remote host.

OK, so here's what happened when I tried setting tty in my cygin bash
(cmd.exe) environment.  I set CYGWIN='tty' in my .profile and tried it again. 
I'm assuming from Brian's previous post in this thread, this is what I was
supposed to do.  Anyway, this does not stop the Ctl+C issue, the sessions
still terminate on it.  Also, now, whenever I use a command like cat file |
more, and do a 'q' to terminate the more, I can't see my shell commands echoed
anymore.  They are there, being accepted by the bash shell, but I cannot see
them anymore.  Removing the CYGWIN env setting stops this.

Hmmm, I'm not sure if I'm adding to the effort of solving this issue or making
it more complicated ...

Thanks for the help though,

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