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Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak

On Fri, Aug 08, 2003 at 03:44:11AM +0200, Luc Hermitte wrote:
>* On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 03:24:26PM -0700, Andrew DeFaria <> wrote:
>>It has already been acknowledged several times over that it is not a
>>problem of Cygwin's rather a problem of Windows.
>I think we all agree to that.  But unfortunatelly, so far, only Cygwin
>seems affected by that problem.

You're referencing facts not in evidence.  We don't know that it is only
Cygwin.  I haven't seen any evidence that anyone has done any research
on this.  We don't know that this isn't triggered by something as simple
as a virus checker.

>> When you cluelessly continue to assert that it's a Cygwin memory leak
>> is exactly where is leads down the path to character assassinations.
>Could we say that cygwin relies on a faulty library developped by
>Microsoft ? And that nobody has identified the faulty library ?

Saying this would be pure speculation.

Just as an observation: I went to the RAMpage home page and, curiously,
it does not prominently mention cygwin.  In fact, I couldn't find a
mention of cygwin at all.  If this was a problem that only manifested
with cygwin programs, I would think that RAMpage would mention that

Looking at RAMpage's code and reading the description, I see nothing
that indicates it would solve this supposed "memory leak" problem.  All
that it does is allocate a huge chunk of memory and free it, forcing any
fragmented memory out onto disk.  I really don't see how that would
cause any improvement in anything related to a memory leak.


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