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Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak wrote:

Seems like your saying that (using a car analogy) he should replace the carberator when the real problem is a leak in the fuel line. (IOW you're attacking the wrong area - your problem lies elsewhere).

Nope - gotta lower your expectations. I use to work in shop when I was in high school. Bascially I'd snip the line at the leak, get a piece of rubber hose and a couple of hose clamps. Back on the road in five minutes!!

- Oh but that's not SAFE ( you may counter )

( to which I would say ) - neither are crashing servers ...

Assuming of course we stick to your analogy and assume that I can't 'replace' the fuel line because - well - it's "Ford's" problem .....

You see, basic people (clueless) are very practical. Why put in a new engine when a piece of duct tape will do???

You refuse to see the obvious! While in my admittedly simple analogy yes you can duct tape it because it's right there and accessable. However in this case you do not have access to Microsoft's memory managing code! Sure you could re-write it but you'd also have to re-write just about all of the Windows OS. Sure this effectively new OS would not have the problem anymore. Perhaps you could call this OS something with a cutesy name like say LINUX!

Bottom line is Cygwin is nothing more than a very good collection of applications, key point here, EMULTATING a Posix like enviornment (another key point) ON TOP OF another OS. Cygwin != an OS and is bound and limited by the underlying OS. If you have a problem with the underlying OS then by all means - you are welcomed to fix it. But alas you do not have access to the source code. So what do you have to do? Maybe even the clueless can guess this.... YOU HAVE TO GO TO MICROSOFT! (Which is, after all, what we've been saying all along)

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