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Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak

Christopher Faylor wrote:
As described, the memory leak is obviously not in cygwin.  It is in
windows.  I was adding some clarification to the issue by changing a
"may be" to a "definitely is".

I think that this kind of clarification is more useful than your
message, which essentially says "If we could figure out what was causing
the problem then maybe it could be fixed".  Personally, I don't see how
that observation is useful.

Having had some experience with this, I find it highly doubtful that any
useful data will come from people posting their "me too" experiences.
If someone wants to fix this then researching the Microsoft Knowledge
Base might be a place to start.  A google search might also be helpful.

Could it be *possible* that cygwin leaves some memory allocated? Does windows claim to free all memory allocated by a process when it exits? What about cygwin shared memory?

I'm not claiming it's a cygwin problem, I'm just curious.


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