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Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak

May I call you "Jim"? I may be clueless, but I'm not stupid. I would never
question King Faylor's ability to find
and fix, or work around a memory leak (and I even respect his decision not
to) but I would certainly question yours ....

As for the venom being spewed on this thread, all I want to say is that I
spent hundreds of hours
cobbling together work-arounds so I could get an open source automated
infrastructure working in a large
organization. Cygwin is just one piece of the puzzle - but it is a critical
indispensible piece. I consider my time
just as ( if not more ) valuable than anyone else's participating here.
These "disputed" memory leaks were for
me the biggest obsticle preventing me from achieving my ultimate objective
- which saved my company hundreds
of thousands of dollars they otherwise would have had to spend to acquire
the solution from third party vendors.

It would have been "nice" if there was an acknowledgement of this problem
(cygwin's or not) rather than attempted
character assassinations. But the value that Cygwin delivers for me and my
organization is so valuable and
irreplacible that *putting up* with the *meanness* here is small price to
pay to get the answers I frequently need.

"Jim Drash" <> on 08/07/2003 04:18:16 PM

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Subject:    Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak

I will be happy to find and fix your specific memory leak.  My going rate
is $200/hour.  If that is satisfactory with you we can talk. If not, you
have the source, the compiler, the debugger, find it yourself or find
someone who will at a lower rate than mine.

Otherwise, "bugger off!"

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