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Re: Raw lpr outputs extra page

        I have found what is going on! By comparing the file that appears
in the printer queue (folder \WINDOWS\spool\PRINTERS\) with the original
file I have found that the LPR program duplicates the last byte of the file.
 That explains all the cases I have considered in the previous mail.  The
last byte of the .prn file was an "X", LPR puts an extra "X" that the
interprets as a character to be printed. The printer stops waiting for more
characters. You send a FF and you get an extra page with an "X". In the case
of the text file with a FF at the end you get an additional FF that of
produces a blank page.

In lprtest.tar.gz there are some original files and the corresponding  ones
produced by LPR in the queue folder. These files are those with the .SPL

I can help by testing in my machine any lpr.exe you produce.

Here are the results of the tries you suggested to do.
The command used for printing a HP-language file produced with WORDPAD was:

$lpr -D -l -P "HP DeskJet 670C Series Printer" test5.prn

Windows printer name = 'HP DeskJet 670C Series Printer'
isWindows9x = 0, isWindows2K_NT4 = 0

There is no different using the name LPT1
In all cases the debug message was always the same.

Rodrigo Medina			  

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