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Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak wrote:

Gosh, isn't there a *win* in *cygwin*?? Not that I'm "demanding" anything or goodness knows, making suggestions about how you 'Oh Great One' should allocate your resources - goodness *no*! But this notion that a WinDoze problem is not *also* a cyg*win* problem - is quite a *CURIOUS* one to this *clueless* simpleton - INDEED!!

Sticking three letters in a name does not make Cygwin == Windows. It is the job of the OS to manage memory not the job of the program. When a process ends the OS is responsible for cleaning up any of the resources that the process aquired. If the OS fails to do this then it's the OS that needs to be fixed, not the process.

Seems in a way that you're saying "I don't care if what I built doesn't work for this or that because it's Microsoft's problem".

Seems like your saying that (using a car analogy) he should replace the carberator when the real problem is a leak in the fuel line. (IOW you're attacking the wrong area - your problem lies elsewhere).

I really don't think you as one who is quick to let Microsoft define what he can and can't do - as you yourself have said

Are you asking Cygwin to re-write and take control of management of memory from the OS?!? That's like asking the carberator mechanic to build his own fuel line running outside the body of the car!

So indeed you pick and choose which *Microsoft* problems to fix that keep cyg*win* from working - all along *denying* it's a cyg*win* problem .....

Yes because some problems are fixable or are within the domain of where Cygwin has proper control. You can fix a carberator to get extra house power but if the main engine only has 2 cyclinders don't ask the carberator mechanic to get 8 cyclinder performance - talk to the maker of the engine itself!

Interesting how a 'Great' mind works ;-) .....

Interesting how a clueless mind wanders off...

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