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Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak

Now seems to be a good time for me to jump in.

I can DEFINITIVELY say that *something* within cygwin - or perl (using
Cygwin's perl) - causes a very real and very measurable
memory leak. I run a 24-7 automated FTP encryption architechture using
cygwin cron which launches a perl
script that automates telnet and ftp from the inetutils package. After each
invocation, memory is lost. The only
thing that keeps the box from dying completely is that in the very same
crontab I call - four times a day - a
memory manager called *RAMpage* which is also open source and can be
invoked from the command line.
This program frees up the lost memory allowing me to essentially run the
server indefinitely. I would of course rather
not have to use RAMpage at all - but since there's ongoing denial about the
existence of "memory leaks" *somewhere* in
the vastness of cygwin - I have no choice but to resort to that which
*works*. Ah well, someday the denial will end, or the
problem will get fixed unintentionally when some other change is made and
the "cygworld will go on". In the meantime,
I have a solution - kludgy you can be sure - but it works and has been
doing so for nearly nine months.

RAMpage =>

Brian Kelly

"Christopher Faylor" <> on 08/07/2003 11:40:57

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On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 11:32:42AM -0400, Rolf Campbell wrote:
>This may be a Win2000 problem, not a cygwin problem...What service pack
>are you running?

"May be"?  You run a bunch of programs, exit them, and Windows slowly loses
memory after each exit?

Hard to see how that's a cygwin problem.


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