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Re: Help install in winNT

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, hfernandezb wrote:

> Dear's:
> I do'nt install cygwin in WinNT
> Error:
> Dr. Watson de WinNT
> Error de aplicacion y se esta generando un registro de error de aplicacion
> setup.exe
> Excepcion: infraccion de acceso (0x0000005), Direccion: 0x0045f1b0
> Please help ...
> thanks.

So, setup is giving you an access violation.  We need to at least know
- which version of setup that was
- what exact version of the operating system you're running
- at which point in the installation process did the exception happen
- which packages were you trying to install
- is there already Cygwin on the system, and
- do you have the setup.log and setup.log.full files?

With that extra information, we could begin to diagnose the problem and
try to offer possible solutions.
P.S. This is a Cygwin-related problem and doesn't belong on the pgsql list.
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