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RE: "contents altered after message signed" when sending openssl smime signed messages - closer to real solution

openssl smime -sign -in message.txt -text -signer mycert.pem -from -to -subject "Signed message from cygwin" |
~/bin/PERL/ActivePerl/bin/616/bin/Perl.exe -p -e ";" > m2.eml

This works with outlook

==> 1) funny that cygwin's perl doesn't work ?
==> 2) ssmtp still adds the extra lines resulting in that the mail not even
gets recognized as S/MIME
> You should actually be seeing '^M$' at the end of line for a Windows file.
> There's a simple way to get the translation under Windows which I've just
> verified works. Open the file using 'edit' change it, change it back
> (space+backspace will do that) then save it. The new file should then be
> translated to DOS EOL format.
also, in emacs you can type C-x RET f mule-utf-8-dos RET, then save the
buffer, to change the
EOL convention of a file to Unix.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ralf Hauser []
> Sent: Mittwoch, 6. August 2003 08:16
> To:
> When sending out of cygwin and using the "-nodetach" parameter,
> it kind of works:

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