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RE: uw-imapd -> server crashing


I've finally been able to have some time to take a look at this.  It turns
out that in updating the README.cygwin.txt that was in the original port
that this is based off of, I had removed at least one critical step:

(1)  Make sure the following lines exist in your /etc/passwd file:

     (The important points are that Everyone have uid 0 and SYSTEM must
      have UID 18.)

In the next release that I hope to have out soon, I will put the original
documentation that I had removed back into place.

I encountered the same problem as you when I did a fresh install of cygwin
on an XP Pro box that didn't have any cygwin on it before.  After adding an
EVERYONE line as noted above, it worked fine.


-----Original Message-----
i tried the actual cygwin version and setup the uw-imap according the
documentation. The server is running but it allways refused the connection
for a client. A telnet to the server bring up this error :

* BYE [ALERT] IMAP4rev1 server crashing: Unable to look up user name

I am using Win2K and the cygwin  version 5.0 1.3.22(0.78/3/2)

the uw-imapd package has the version uw-imapd-2002d-1

Does somebody know this problem ?
Is it a cygwin problem or a imapd problem?

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