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Re: What is the minimum needed to run gtar?

Biederman, Steve wrote:

I want to allow the users I support to be able to run Cygwin tar on their Windows machines.
These machines have not had any Cygwin installed; they're just bare Windows machines.

I provided them tar.exe and cygwin1.dll and assumed that with these, they could run
Cygwin tar sucessfully. It appears that that isn't the case: machines without Cygwin installed see different behavior than machines which have it installed. (Running tar
on machines without Cygwin installed creates incorrect tar archives.)

What is the minimum I need to provide to a non-Cygwin Windows machine to get
Cygwin tar to run reliably?

Dunno.  Perhaps you need to provide some data on what's wrong with the
archives made and some specifics on what you're using (cygcheck output
perhaps?) and an example of the problem.

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