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Re: ftw()

On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 10:37:53PM -0400, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>Le lun 04 ao? 2003 20:05:45 GMT, Nicholas Wourms a tapot? sur son clavier :
>>That being said, My suggestion to Samuel would be to investigate the
>>FreeBSD cvs repo to see if they have implimented ftw() in their libc,
>>since they have a more "free" license and aren't GPL-infected.
>It seems to be still worked on, and not available in their cvs :/

What is with the selective reading style in this thread?

I saw that a referenced LGPL license is unacceptable for cygwin.

Gerrit responds with a pointer to a BSD licensed version.  Asks if
it is acceptable.

I say probably but you'd have to ask the newlib mailing list.

Nicholas responds eight hours after this interchange.  He opines that I
probably don't know about the Red Hat employees who run the glibc
project and offers that somebody should find a BSD licensed version of

Now, a day later, we find that Gerrit's email has again been ignored
and the Wourms plan is unworkable.



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