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Re: perl -MCPAN -e shell crashes w98se

Hallo Graham,

the crashing with perl-5.8 seems to be the problem which was already
reported several times and we have no fix for this yet.

Why there was an ActiveState directory created is dubios.

What is in your /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/CPAN/ (there are the
user defined settings)?

$ cat /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/CPAN/

# This is's systemwide configuration file. This file provides
# defaults for users, and the values can be changed in a per-user
# configuration file. The user-config file is being looked for as
# ~/.cpan/CPAN/

$CPAN::Config = {
  'build_cache' => q[10],
  'build_dir' => q[/home/gerrit/cpan/build],
  'cache_metadata' => q[1],
  'cpan_home' => q[/home/gerrit/cpan],
  'dontload_hash' => {  },
  'ftp' => q[/bin/ftp],
  'ftp_proxy' => q[],
  'getcwd' => q[cwd],
  'gzip' => q[/bin/gzip],
  'histfile' => q[/home/gerrit/cpan/histfile],
  'histsize' => q[100],
  'http_proxy' => q[],
  'inactivity_timeout' => q[0],
  'index_expire' => q[1],
  'inhibit_startup_message' => q[0],
  'keep_source_where' => q[/home/gerrit/cpan/sources],
  'lynx' => q[/bin/lynx],
  'make' => q[/bin/make],
  'make_arg' => q[],
  'make_install_arg' => q[UNINST=1],
  'makepl_arg' => q[],
  'ncftpget' => q[/bin/ncftpget],
  'no_proxy' => q[],
  'pager' => q[less],
  'prerequisites_policy' => q[ask],
  'scan_cache' => q[atstart],
  'shell' => q[/usr/bin/bash],
  'tar' => q[/bin/tar],
  'term_is_latin' => q[1],
  'unzip' => q[/bin/unzip],
  'urllist' => [q[], q[]],
  'wget' => q[/bin/wget],


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