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Re: 1.5.x goes current on 2003-08-23?

Hallo Nicholas,

Am Dienstag, 5. August 2003 um 01:56 schriebst du:

>>>Also, for 5.8.1, can you turn back on MakeMaker's bzipping of manpages, 
>>>like you had during the 5.8.0RC's?  You might also considier targeting 
>>>/usr/share/man, as that is what we are hoping to transition to...

>> 1.
>> IIRC, I compressed the manpages manually, but if there is a feature in
>> perl that allows to do this automagically, I can turn it on.

> I might be confused, but I swear you had flipped it on for 5.8.0-RC2. 
> Maybe I'm thinking about my linux-from-scratch box...

Recently I asked the Perl pumpking:

> BTW, how can I tell Configure (or MakeMaker) to create compressed
> manpages during install and later when installing some module via cpan
> shell?

An he answered:

Uhhh, you can't.  Compression is usually a feature of the man program.

Maybe I patched MakeMaker to do this for us.  However I have the patch
not handy.  I'll see if I can find a tarball of the test releases
somewhere and look how it was done.


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