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Re: SSH session terminates with Ctl+C

> Did you check the versions of sshd running on Solaris and Linux?  FWIW,
> ssh into Cygwin from Cygwin shows the same results as you say you get
> from Solaris.  But this doesn't seem to be a Cygwin problem.  If checking
> the sshd versions doesn't shed light on the problem, I would suggest
> taking the question to a SSH forum, perhaps with a bent toward Linux.

I understand what you are saying, but I don't think it is the case.  I've
actually sat physically at the Linux boxes, using X, and ssh'd to localhost
and I can login just fine.  I can "Ctl+C" all day and it doesn't kill my ssh
session.  I can use SecureCRT from my W2K workstation, and it doesn't kill my
session.  I can even use cygwin to ssh to the Linux boxes (forwarding X
packets), and run an xterm on my local W2K Xserver, and "Ctl+C" doesn't kill
my ssh session.  It's only when going from the bash shell in cygwin to the
remote host, and using "Ctl+C" that this issue happens.  That's why I was
thinking that something local in the cygwin environment is catching that
signal, and terminating my ssh session, or something like that.

In response to the issue with the TERM being set properly.  I've tried leaving
the default 'cygwin' tty and set it to 'vt100', the behavior is still the

Thanks again for you help,
- Jeff

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