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Re: Install 1.3.22-1 problem - default text file type - DOS

Brian Dessent wrote:

Francis Harvey wrote:

Thanks.  I have now replaced \n with \r\n every place I used \n in a
character string.  I have made sure not to switch the single character
when used separately from a string.  Everything appears to work fine

But that completely misses the point of "text" mode.  You should always
use just "\n" in your strings in the source code, and open any files
containing text in "text" mode i.e. fopen("foo", "rt").  That way, when
you read and write to the file "\n" will be converted to "\r\n" by the
io library, but your code will be portable to any other posix system.

If you explicitly use "\r\n" in your program then you have to make sure
the file is always opened in binary mode otherwise you'll could get
                  opened and _written_
"\r\r\n" as your line delimiter.


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