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Re: SSH session terminates with Ctl+C

Brian Dessent wrote:

Jeff Nokes wrote:

I've ran into a strange issue, one of which I have not run into before with
cygwin.  I have a W2K workstation at work, and I use cygwin to ssh into both
Solaris and RedHat Linux boxes to do development.  Sometimes, while ssh'd into
a remote host, I have to 'Ctl+C' out of a process when it hangs.  When
connected to the Solaris boxes, the Ctl+C just puts me back at the command
prompt on the remote host, which is what I would expect it to do.  But when
I'm connected to a Linux box and I Ctl+C out of a process, not only does it
kill the process on the remote Linux host, but it kills my active ssh session
with that host and puts me back in the default cygwin shell in my W2K

If you're using CMD.EXE for your command prompt you might try setting
"tty" in the CYGWIN environment variable.  Also, give rxvt a try.  Make
sure that your TERM is set to "Cygwin" or "rxvt" for CMD.EXE and rxvt,
repectively.  You shouldn't have to explicitly set TERM to anything, it
should take the correct value without forcing it.

Brian, what makes you think this is a Cygwin problem?  To me, if it
works Cygwin->Cygwin and Cygwin->Solaris but not Cygwin->Linux, then
it's not likely that a change on the Cygwin side is going to help, IMO.
FWIW, this worked for me Cygwin->Cygwin from bash and from rxvt without
tty set for either attempt.

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