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Re: 1.5.x goes current on 2003-08-23?

Jason Tishler wrote:


On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 02:03:02AM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

Perl is required for many operations, and (as I'm sure Chuck will
agree) having to rebase a *critical* core application *just* to get
it work is unacceptable.

Hey, don't drag me into this. Rebase is (currently) a necessary evil for python and maybe perl, but I gave up maintaining perl a LONG time ago and I don't intend to stick my nose into it now. It's Gerritt's baby, and I trust him to do whatever is necessary to make stuff work. But, he's asked for help -- so help, dammit, don't carp.

^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^

Not quite. I've got plenty to keep me occupied, thank you. As you'll note, this commentary was made in reply to a flame that stated I should go out and enrich M$ more by purchasing a copy of XP. One day I will, but not today. To put it quite simply, I'm being told that the solution to the problem is to ignore the problem and go spend $$$.

As for trying to help, well AFAIK, it is impossible to get perl to debug under gdb on WinME since one of two things happen:

1)either you try to run perl inside gdb, which promptly locks up the machine.

2)you try to get gdb to catch the process when it segfaults, which again is useless since it locks up the machine.

On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 07:56:38PM -0400, Nicholas Wourms wrote:

No offense to Jason, but rebase is really just "papering" over a much
bigger infrastructure problem which isn't going away.  The problem is
that "rebase all" only takes into account the dll's installed by the
installer.  It certainly doesn't take into account dll's which aren't
named ".dll" (like in Ruby which leaves them named *.so).  It also
won't take into account user-installed dlls or perl modules.  I've
managed to work around this on my Win2k machine by modifying rebase
all to use `locate` and to run rebase on any ".so"'s it finds in the
Ruby dir.

If rebase and rebaseall don't meet your needs, then supply the patch(es)
to enhance them so they do.

Unfortunately, I have no patches to supply. Using find/locate is rather sub-optimal and probably isn't the way to go.

However, one partial solution would be to rename the ruby .so's to .dll's in the buildscript.

But all the rebase patches in the world aren't going to "really" fix the problem, since the problem lies in the heart of Cygwin, not rebase. I think I'm just going to quit trying to argue this now, since people obviously aren't interested in discussing it (not that my reply to Gerrit's flame even intended to do so).


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