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"mobile" cygwin

Hi there,
I'm trying to create custom cygwin build (about 40MBs). I mean I'm trying to collect most of shell and file tools, and have at least cygwin sshd working. I'd like to have everything on cd and when needed copy all cygwin directory structure to hard disk (not only my private pc's disk but pc's disk I work on that day - I don't want to install cygwin on each pc I got to work on) and run all the utilities and use for instance sshd for port forwarding.
I'm in half way. I got all utilities working in place, batch files to add and remove registry entries for cygwin (to get proper mounting points from bash). Last thing I can't figure out is sshd. To be more specific passwd. I'd like to have one (or couple) user(s) that I can work with independently of system. I'd like to run sshd on machine I work on and I wouldn't like to worry about creating new /etc/passwd each time. I'd like to use one of defined users with known password and do what I need to do. Is that possible at all with cygwin?? user independently?? If you have any ideas, please advice.

Thanks in advance,

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