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Re: xmlto package install question

Hi Patrick.

On 2003.08.02 11:57, Patrick Eisenacher wrote:

my Cygwin xmlto installation (v0.0.14) is missing all the fo formats (dvi, pdf, ps) in /usr/share/xmlto/format/docbook, and the fo subfolder is missing from the /usr/share/xmlto/format/ directory completely. Without those files xmlto is unable to create the corresponding target document formats (provided the corresponding toolchain is installed).

Talking to Tim Waugh, the author of xmlto, revealed that all formats are installed unconditionally. So I wonder why they didn't get installed on my system.

Is anybody else missing those files or do they get installed on your systems? In particular the files in question are:


dvi, pdf and ps format are removed from cygwin xmlto package because there is no way to generate these output formats using cygwin-only packages.

They requires xmltex and passivetex which are not available as cygwin packages. I'll add support for missing formats soon after somebody will contribute these packages for cygwin.


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