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Re: Incomplete installation problems

Marc DAUMAS wrote:

Hi every body at Cygwin,
your job is great and I wish it will continue.

Now the problem : I'm not a newbie and made a lot of cygwin installations
on different M$ systems ( NT4, W2K, XP) all working.

I decided few weeks ago to upgrade my old installation directory by
downloading a new one.

I've donwloaded an installation image from 3 different locations, made an
local install (with the "all" root tree set to install) form the downloaded
directory and still have the same problem.

The installation finish but when I try to simply type the "ls" command the
response is "command not found".
Then I try a cygcheck and get : "id.exe unknown dll, can't find

If you're not a newbie, you should know how to find the package that
has this file.  OK, maybe you've just had allot of experience installing
and using Cygwin but never really paid much attention to anything else.
See <>.  That should help you.

Where is my mistake ?

Good question.  Of course, cygcheck output is missing (as an attachment).
That helps diagnosis.

Also, run through this thread from today:


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