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RE: 1.5.1 issue?

First, apologies if this isn't continuing at the
appropriate point in the thread, but I've been having
problems posting from my usual account. Anyway, back
to what I wanted to say:

I see something very like this on 1.3.22 running bash
in rxvt, running a windows process, which itself has
spawned something (terminology almost certainly not
correct). Noted because it happens with MS nmake under

It does not occur (as badly?) when running bash from

It does not occur when strace is running (execution
terminates as expected)

There follows a test case which might be said bug.
Uses a batch file to launch something which will take
a while, but should terminate on ^C.

$ cd \usr\doc\cygwin

$ cat <<EOF >test.bat

c:\winnt\system32\find /V /N "unlikely bit of text"


$ ./test.bat



Note that

/cygdrive/c/winnt/system32/find. /V /N \"unlikely bit
of text\" '*.*'

terminates OK.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Christopher Faylor
> Sent: 04 August 2003 17:07
> Subject: Re: 1.5.1 issue?
> I'll try the test below but "me-toos" are, as usual,
> uninteresting, unless you can provide a reproducible
test case.
> If someone can reproduce this running strace, that
would probably
> be enough to track down the problem. It would also
be nice to know
> if this is a regression from 1.3.22 (or even 1.5.0).
> >Charles Wilson wrote:
> >>When (re)compiling some of my packages, I noticed
> (some) signals 
> >>are not being propagated to children.
> >>
> >>That is:
> >>
> >>$ ./ build
> >>Hit ^C
> >>
> >>I'm returned to my bash prompt, but the make
continues in 
> the background.

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