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getopt & output reordering (was: xmlto package install question)

Talking to Tim Waugh, the author of xmlto, revealed that the order of arguments doesn't matter on his system (that's Red Hat, I guess), whereas it matters indeed on Cygwin.

Investigating it a bit further revealed that Cygwin's getopt differs from what he expected:

getopt -- o: xmlto -o foo bar

should output this:

-o 'foo' -- 'xmlto' 'bar'

Cygwin's getopt outputs like this:

$ getopt -- o: xmlto -o foo bar
 -- 'xmlto' '-o' 'foo' 'bar'

Checking the archive I found a thread from back in January talking about the inability of Cygwin's getopt to do reordering of arguments. I guess we're facing here the same issue: the option arguments are not output before the non-option arguments.

Was any work done wrt this issue? Is anything planned?

Tim is going to update the xmlto usage information to reflect the proper order of arguments.


Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:

usage: xmlto FORMAT [OPTION]... XML
OPTIONs are:
  -v              verbose output (-vv for very verbose)
  -x stylesheet   use the specified stylesheet instead of choosing one
  -m fragment     use the XSL fragment to customize the stylesheet
  -o directory    put output in the specified directory instead of
                  the current working directory

It only works if you swap 'FORMAT [OPTIONS]' to '[OPTIONS] FORMAT'
which is what I found in the patch included in the source package.

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