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Re: Mail Archives are Your Friend...

On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Brian Dessent wrote:

> "Matthew O. Persico" wrote:
> >
> > A plug for (hopefully read by newbies)
> And if you can't get htdig (or whatever that form uses) to grok your
> search, there's also google.  I've found that you can search just
> mailing-list archives with google by prepending "
> inurl:ml" to your query.
> You can also narrow it down to a specific mailing list by adding an
> additional "inurl:" parameter such as " inurl:ml
> inurl:cygwin-apps"
> Brian


Just a couple of comments on the Google searches:

1) Unfortunately, Google caches some messages from, and others
   from, so you have to search in both to make sure you
   get all possible matches.

2) The "inurl:" modifier is not aware of forward slashes, and accepts
   partial matches, so a query with "inurl:ml inurl:cygwin" will search
   for messages on *all* of the Cygwin lists (i.e., cygwin@, cygwin-apps@,
   etc).  AFAIK, there is no way to restrict the matches to just the
   cygwin@ list.  The "inurl:cygwin-apps" does work, however.

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