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Re: cygwin to backup Windows data

Robert Citek wrote:

> A chemist friend of mine at the FDA has some questions about Cygwin and how
> it interacts with Windows.  Below is his e-mail message to me which he
> asked to forward to the list if I felt it would help.  I have some
> questions of my own to ask him, but thought I would put it on the list for
> some insight into what other questions I should ask him and what other
> questions he should be asking his supervisors.
> BTW, I am not any of the vendors, just a colleague.

This is too generic a question.  Cygwin is just a set of libraries that
provide a Unix-like environment to programs... the behavior you describe
would depend entirely on how those programs are written.  Without any
details of the proposed solutions, no one will be able to tell you
anything.  For example, if rsync is being used to copy files to the
backup server then it would depend on how rsync handles files that are
open and being written to by other processes...and that would be a
question for the rsync mailing list, or for the vendors that are
offering those solutions to the bid.


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