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Re: ftw()

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 09:29:49PM -0400, Samuel Thibault wrote:

an almost unmodified version of newlib/libc/sys/linux/ftw.c can be found
along its header.

These come from the GNU libc, so should be quite *right* :)
I don't have the tools nor the time to try to get it into my own cygwin
.dll, but I could recompile that old program by merely linking with the
resulting ftw.o, and it indeed work. I'm not very used to the standard
cygin headers, but it seems that the ftw.h above looks good.

I'm afraid I'm not used to cygwin's source code to do much further
inclusion preparation, but could this be included in cygwin's libc ?

As a matter of fact, no, it couldn't. Wrong license.

You could ask Roland or Uli (the current steering committee) to grant a license exception, since they're also people :-D. Between the two of them, they must have written most of glibc's current code.

That being said, My suggestion to Samuel would be to investigate the FreeBSD cvs repo to see if they have implimented ftw() in their libc, since they have a more "free" license and aren't GPL-infected.


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