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Re: Cursor is frozen in Vim and Emacs

stuart gear wrote:

On Mon, Aug 4, 2003 Christopher Faylor wrote:

So, I use "ansi" as an example of an incorrect TERM setting and you set
the TERM to ansi.

I tried a couple of term settings and nothing changed. I tried ansi and
suddenly I am able to type and move around, so I left it there.

Igor's reply to this message says it all, but I was trying to suggest that
you should not be setting the TERM value to anything.  You should let


(or rxvt or xterm) do that for you.

Sorry about that. I'm going to treat my change to vimrc as a quick and dirty
temporary fix, so I can start to learn about vim and how to use it. I need
to go away and do ALOT more reading on cygwin and perhaps unix/linux, before
I can act upon Igor's advice, although I do appreciate the time you and him
have taken to respond.

Sounds fine.  If you have any other problems with your terminal/console,
review the advice from Chris and Igor.

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