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Re: default X wm + .LIBX11.DLL missing

David Selby wrote:


Last query for a while, don't want to wear you guys out ... Everything is OK, got bash, vim, rxvt working as I want them but I have one last problem ...

I have installed X.

When I executed "startx" It paused, then booted X, and booted into a window manager. All OK

Problem 1... I decided to change the window manager to openbox (apparently related to blackbox?) so I found
/etc/x11/xinit/xinitrc, deleted the window manager & typed in openbox. Stupid in the extreme, I should have #d it out.... what is the default window manager for startx ?

Problem 2... openbox does not want to work. X starts & I get a popup "A required .DLL file LIBX11.DLL was not found" ... mmm .... I went to windows update, updated my adged 98SE & tried again. Same message. I tried starting openbox without startx, assumed it would call startx & maybe be happier, zip, just same message again.

At a guess cygwin is fine, and 98SE is lacking a "DLL?" If this is the case Its a windows problem and OT. I will go contact some windows gurus ! Before I do that can anyone confirm this is a windows problem ?

No libX11 is an X DLL so that would be Cygwin. See <> to find which package this is in and install it.

BTW, this is really a question about X on Cygwin so it should go to
cygwin-xfree.  I've redirected the conversation there and reset the
reply-to appropriately.  Please use that list to follow-up if necessary.

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