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Re: 1.5.x goes current on 2003-08-23?

Hallo Nicholas,

Am Sonntag, 3. August 2003 um 18:54 schriebst du:

> X-Post from cygwin-apps...

>> If someone is interested to help, start with release candidate 3 for
>> perl-5.8.1:

In the meantime is RC4 released, from the announcement:


I could find no law against having more than three Release Candidates.
Perhaps more importantly, the various module updates warranted a fourth
one, see

Test extensively yadda yadda 5.8.1 as soon as possible mumble mumble."

See also my posting where I described the visible problem:

> Perl-5.8 is not working at all on WinME and, despite my best efforts, I
> am unable to debug the problem because the "race" condition happens 
> before the dubugger can hook.  As Jason points out in the release notes, 
> even after being rebased, Python cannot pass any of the threads or
                            ^^^^^^ Python also cannot be built with
                            Cygwin 1.5.1?
> forking tests.  I'm out of idea, so as a minor representative of people 
> who may still be using WinME, I kindly request that you provide a rebuid 
> of perl-5.6.x againt 1.5.1 (still marked as previous of course).

Hmm, previous && test version at the same time, I doubt that this is

Why not upgrading to W2K or XP?
You can get W2K really cheap at second hand shops;)
Last time I was at I saw that they don't support
Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5 any longer.  That means that the support
for Win98/ME will also be dropped soon as it already happens now for
Win95 (you cannot install IE6 on W95).  I cannot believe that there
are some users out there who still work with their first, ten years
old, Pentium I, 90Mhz box which cannot run W2K because their 4 GB
harddisk is too small and they cannot upgrade the hardware because the
BIOS is too old to recognize some hardisk larger than 4 GB and are
really happy that they could install Win98 because it gives you the
look and feel of a real system. 

OTOH, rebuilding perl-5.6.1 will hopefully be not a problem, I have
not tried that yet, will do this later too.

> Also, for 5.8.1, can you turn back on MakeMaker's bzipping of manpages, 
> like you had during the 5.8.0RC's?  You might also considier targeting 
> /usr/share/man, as that is what we are hoping to transition to...

IIRC, I compressed the manpages manually, but if there is a feature in
perl that allows to do this automagically, I can turn it on.

I thought we allow /usr/man and /usr/share/man to coexist?


$ ( cd /usr/man ; du -hs )
9.9M    .

$ ( cd /usr/man ; df -h . )
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
H:                     60G   29G   31G  49% /

And: Hardisks are really cheap, 120GB -> $100.

And if that all doesn't help:
$ (cd /usr/man ; find . -name "*.3pm" | xargs bzip2 -9 )

At least for the perl modules manpages it is easy to maintain this


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