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Cygwin and filtering bug

The problem is as follows: In NEdit (sorry folks, I don't speak Vim)
make a selection and filter (Alt+R) it through e.g. fmt. Everything
is fine as long as the text to be filtered doesn't exceed a certain
size. More precisely, the text *returned* by the filter mustn't
exceed a certain size (I guess around 32K). Otherwise NEdit doesn't
get an answer from the filter and stays waiting until the filter is

(You can filter as big a text as you want to e.g. wc, since the
number of words and chars, which is the answer of the filter is
well below the 30K that causes the hang up.)

My system is WinXP. I heard from someone else that on his Win2K
system the return size limit would be 16K. However on my system
I could fmt a text bigger than that, as said around 30K until
the hang up occurs.

Unfortunately the problem with filter selection under Cygwin
persist also on the latest stable release 1.3.22 and the test
release 1.5.1.


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