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Re: vim speed issue

Larry Hall wrote:

David Selby wrote:

Larry Hall wrote:

David Selby wrote:


OK newbe cygwin user here, have read manual + faq ... so not just lept in with a question !

I have a 700MHz PIII 256MB, I have installed cygwin on 98SE.
When running it can seem a little slow, ie "man man" takes 2-3 seconds, vim screen ripples as I scroll up.

In the FAQ it states that upgrades can have speed problems, This is a new install.

Is it a case of cygwin is just another process as far as 98SE is concerned & so only gets a slice of CPU time ? In which case AOK, no probs I can live with it. Or is there something I need to tweak ?

Yes, cygwin proggies are just other processes, just like Windows
proggies. Don't know why knowing that would make you feel better
about the perceived performance problem. But there you are. :-)

I'd suggest reviewing the text at <>.

Win 9x/Me console output is slow and inefficient, though I think what
you describe is extreme (don't know for sure since I don't use 9x/Me).
It may be a configuration issue. One way to narrow things down would be
to try rxvt instead of the console Window. Many on Win9x/Me use this to
avoid the console shortcomings. Some use it on NT/W2K/XP too. ;-) See:

Is there a better alternative to the standard console window?

Many thanks for getting back to me. I was unsure if it was a config problem just for me or a general thing. My guess is it cant realy be that slow, how would it run X ? (If this is a dumb statement bourne of ignorance of cygwin, forgive me!)

Anyhow I will try your suggestion and try rxvt,
Thanks once again

Right. vim works great here on the console, but I'm running W2K.

OK tried rxvt, it solved my problem. I guess 98SEs terminal program is as inefficient as you said.
A slight delay for the program to execute - then lovely smooth scrolling very readable screens

My system is very usable now :-)

I loaded the x-server ... and it seems to boot quite quickly ... Having problems calling window managers but will do more research before I call for help ...!


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