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RE: Question regarding problem during uninstall using setup.exe


Sorry it has been a looong week ... with quite a number of looong weeks
and I misinterpreted your response.

Anyway, I appreciate your responses. I am going to try a preremove script. I
have just checked
to see if there is any online info about how these work, but I couldn't see

Anyway with the preremove script, I am going to try an unmount first of any
specific mounted dir's prior to the removal of the package.

I am aware (as I subscribe to cygwin-apps) that there is allot of work being
done on setup.exe and cygwin dll (1.5.1) and not being familiar with the
program would take allot of work to get up to speed.

However, I would be more than willing to share my results of the preremove
script, if the unmounting works.


-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Collins []
Sent: August 1, 2003 17:00
Subject: RE: Question regarding problem during uninstall using setup.exe

On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 21:45, Alan Miles wrote:
> Rob,
> Thanks for the message.
> However, my "packages" did NOT create these directories - I just wish to
> mount them, therefore setup should not be deleting them. For example,

I understand that. Which part of my email suggested I did not understand
the problem?

It's known. The cause it predictable. We could do better - hey, you're
welcome to join in the development and help improve this area!


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