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Re: problems compiling ddd on cygwin

On Sat, 2 Aug 2003, james wrote:

> hi! this is a cry for help.

Our specialty. :-)

> i've been trying to install ddd on cygwin on my windows xp box. i've been
> reading archive posts to see what problems others have reported, and the
> solutions offered. following suggestions to others, i've so far gotten
> through configure with:
> configure
> CC=gcc-2 --with-motif-includes=/usr/local/include/ --with-motif-libraries=/usr/local/lib --x-includes=/usr/X11R6/include/ --x-libraries=usr/X11R6/lib
> but when i type make, i get errors that force make to quit.
> i am a bit of a novice; i don't know how to figure why make is quitting or
> what someone else would have to see in order to understand the problem and
> advise on how to fix it.
> does anyone know why make is quitting, or could somebody please tell me what
> i need to do next to fix this (including telling me what info to post for
> diagnostics)?
> thanks for your patience,
> james

Well, for one, the log of the make invocation would be helpful, as it
would show the exact commands you're running and the errors you get.  You
may want to compress it with either bzip2 or gzip, as it might be quite
large.  Alternatively, you could snip out the parts that definitely
completed successfully.  Some information on your system (the output of
"cygcheck -svr" as an uncompressed non-inline text attachment, to be
precise) would also be useful in case you are simply missing some *-devel
packages.  This would be enough information to start helping you diagnose
your problem.
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