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Re: Viruses in the cygwin mail lists

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 09:15:47PM -0500, guenter strubinsky wrote:
>I haven't received a single virus so far. I assume that this is either a
>moderated list -but it's too quick for that- or a virus and spam scanner
>runs through the contributions before releasing it.
>It did never occur to me:
>I had alone about 50 scans, around 20 crude IIS oriented attacks, 8 codered
>and 4 apache attacks over the last 2 weeks. No idea about sp*m and viruses
>sent to me since it's filtered externally. But this list is probably a
>target from many sides.
>This list is relatively free of spam AND totally free of viruses.

Thanks.  I work hard at keeping the spam filters up-to-date.  The spam
filter went through a relatively major overhaul recently and it has been
much better at weeding out the crap.  The aaaspam mailing list is
also getting quite a bit of traffic these days, which also helps in
blocking offenders.

Unfortunately, there are still some viruses and spam that slip through.
I delete them from the archives when I notice them.

The message that started this thread contained a spreadsheet (?!) which
showed some viruses in the automake (?!) mailing list from 2001 (?!).
While I don't think that this kind of email is appropriate for the
cygwin mailing list in general, discussion of automake mailing list
viruses is *clearly* off-topic.
Please use the resources at rather than sending personal email.
Special for spam email harvesters: send email to
and be permanently blocked from mailing lists at

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