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Re: FAQ page margin width issue

Larry Hall wrote:
Brian Dessent wrote:

On, there are two versions of the FAQ page.  The first is
<> and is the direct output of texi2html.
The second is <> which is the same
content except the texi2html output is in a TABLE, with the standard navbar on the left (also a TABLE, with the width="20%"

I don't know about you all but I find this second "faq0.html" version
nearly useless because there is (at least) one question that has a very
wide "program output" inside a PRE block tag.  This causes the margin
width to be about twice the width of my screen.  In the 'faq.html'
version that doesn't use tables, this is not a problem since the browser
renders the page sanely, i.e. everything -except- the one wide line is
wrapped to the actual screen width, but there is still a horizontal
scroll bar as that one section is wider than the rest.

However, when this content is included in a table cell as is the case
with 'faq0.html', it becomes very unfriendly, since that one table cell
must expand its width to fit the widest element.  In this case the
margins for the entire cell are adjusted to fit this one wide line,
which means that you have to scroll horizontally to read -any- answer
longer than a sentence or two.  I can't possibly see how anyone could
use this page in this format and not be highly annoyed, unless they have
a >= 1600px width screen and/or small fonts.
First of all, these aren't tables, they are frames.

Or don't use IE. ;-)

With Mozilla, the line you indicate is the only one that scrolls off
the right side of the page.  Actually, a quick check of IE 5.5 (yeah,
I know it's out of date but I don't use it so I don't care) shows me
the same result.  I know that doesn't help you much but...
I tried Mozilla 1.4 & IE 6.0, both render only one line past the visible screen. Don't know what you are looking at.

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