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Re: Administrator lacking super-user privileges on cygwin installation

Larry Hall wrote:

1. SYSTEM is the account that sshd runs as, not administrator.

Hmm, perhaps it's just a coincidence then that Administrator permissions correspond with sshd permissions.

2. Only the owner of the private key files in .ssh should have permissions
to access these files. Public key files should be readable by anyone.
You'll want to check the permissions on these files relative to the

We got things working by opening up public access to /home/some-user/.ssh/authorized_keys, and perhaps that's sufficient, although I'm still concerned about the difference in behavior across my two installations. I have limited experience with cygwin (or Windows in general), but on Linux in my experience sshd turns up its nose at non-private .ssh directories, or else I would have tried that sooner.

$CYGWIN is set to "binmode ntsec tty", so that shouldn't be the problem.

3. Generally, you should read <>.

I've been through the FAQ and User's Guide but couldn't find an answer to my question. Perhaps I should read both straight through for a more rounded understanding of what's going on; I was just hoping someone had experienced this before and knew the magic incantation to correct it. :-)


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