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RE: apache dies with pppoe

Ok ... let me back even further.

The problem is that when I open up port 80 (on my f/w router) and start
accepting outside connections (to the 'puter running Apache,) it appears as
though (after some period of time) Apache stops listening or accepting
connections, including from the LAN. If I restart Apache everything is fine
again - for a while. Based on other web/news group chatter, I believe this
problem is related to my DSL time-out and WAN IP changing.

Now follow closely ... this is where I believe I'm on-topic here ....

Other's using other OS's (Linux) have devised schemes (like enhanced
scripting in if.cfg-ppp) to restart Apache when this happens. I've spent
more than a few hours looking at this problem (before making the original
post) and maybe the DSL modem time-out is not the issue - but at the moment
it seems to be the only explanation.

So, simple question ... are there already CYGwin net utilities that I might
use solve this problem  from the angle I'm currently focusing (restart
Apache when DSL time-out forces WAN IP change) ... right or wrong?

In response to Martin:

> I used to have an Instructor that would say PAY ATTENTION and that is what
> you need to do

I won't even bother to comment here. Oops .. I guess I just did :)

> If you acquire a device which handles adjusting Dynamic Addressing and
> Routes the incoming (and outgoing)

I have just such a device configured as so. The word "outgoing" was not in
your original reply for me to pay attention to and I'm not sure how it
applies - please explain. Even if the DSL modem connection timed out and the
IP changed during and http client/server transaction (which it's not going
to,) I'm not sure how that would effect Apache.

> Port 80 transmissions to the PC which hosts the Web Server (because that
> same device just assigned it an IP because it is a DHCP Server) then your
> transmission will be successful

My configuration is as so, usually clients can connect. However, when my DSL
modem IP address changes due to time out ... Apache stops severing, or so I


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