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Crash in lynx

When wanting to have a look whether a new pcre was available at, I had a slight case of fat fingers and made lynx crash :|
(cygcheck output below)

$ lynx www.pcre.orgf

Some particularities about my current setup: sh-utils is built here (but I
don't think that matters), Cygwin is the one I checked out from CVS
yesterday at 1600 CET (that will probably matter) and aspell is installed 
(but I don't think that matters). The rest will show up on the cygcheck 

Actually, the same thing happens if I just do `lynx', so it's 
not the fat-fingers part that makes it so..

Also: I have to type `reset' (blindly) to get control of my rxvt screen 
back (meaning I don't see what I type otherwise).

strace output, cygcheck output and a screenshot of the popup I get at 
crash time are available here:

411ad4c31df349a6064a15f41be63974 *cygcheck.out
db6df1a4ceddf347195dc3af063cd465 *lynx-crash.jpg
4d32bc5e68897cc35030e8335fa72d77 *lynx.strace

I guess I'll have to use Mozilla..



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