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Re: cygwin 1.5.0 coming - 64 bit file I/O and more

Christopher Faylor wrote:
I'm about to release cygwin 1.5.0.  We've bumped the version to
1.5.0 because of some major changes in functionality - cygwin now
uses 64 bit file I/O by default.

This was a substantial effort on the part of Corinna Vinschen who
deserves major kudos for her work (which was entirely volunteered).
Corinna deserves five gold stars for this work.  It *really* was not
an easy task.

Anyway, expect a testing version of 1.5.0 soon.  Just to whet your
appetite a little, [...]

You definitely did wet my appetite a lot. And I guess it is high time to
say the big "thank you" I owe to the contributors to cygwin who made it invaluable to me. Thanks to all of you for your efforts and work.

So, barring any problems, expect a test (aka Exp) version of the
cygwin DLL soon.

Since you are going to release a test version, I guess this test version is intended, well, for testing. So, if I am told what especially needs testing, maybe I can do a thing or two.


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