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cygwin 1.5.0 coming - 64 bit file I/O and more

I'm about to release cygwin 1.5.0.  We've bumped the version to
1.5.0 because of some major changes in functionality - cygwin now
uses 64 bit file I/O by default.

This was a substantial effort on the part of Corinna Vinschen who
deserves major kudos for her work (which was entirely volunteered).
Corinna deserves five gold stars for this work.  It *really* was not
an easy task.

Anyway, expect a testing version of 1.5.0 soon.  Just to whet your
appetite a little, I also added a new mount option to this release:

mount -o managed c:/foo /foo

A managed mount means that file names are entirely managed by cygwin.
Any directory managed in this manner will allow the creation of files
like "aux", "com1", "abc:def", and files which differ only by case.
This is accomplished by munging the filenames in a manner that makes
them appear very strange to windows so manipulation of files in these
directories is REALLY not recommended.

Unlike the 64 bit stuff which really appears to be rock solid, the
managed directory stuff should still be considered an "at your own
risk" type of thing.  So while 1.5.0 will be beta quality, the managed
stuff will be alpha quality.

There will also be the usual raft of other changes in this release
from the usual notables like Pierre Humblet and Thomas Pfaff.  I'm
collecting the change log now.

So, barring any problems, expect a test (aka Exp) version of the
cygwin DLL soon.

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