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Re: newbie shell-users howto, guide, cheatsheet, or reference?

On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 12:32:55AM +0100, Karsten M. Self wrote:
>> >I've been through the existing Cygwin docs.  I don't see anything
>> >specifically answering this need.
>> Huh?  Addressing what need?  
>A guide to legacy MS Windows-centric users for using the Cygwin
>environment, as opposed to installation or programmers guides (both
>exist for Cygwin), or general Unix quickstart guides (covered
>>Did I say that there wasn't a need to address?  Is this really hard to
>Arguments are two doors down the hall.  Informed discussion is what I'm
>after here.

Let's get this straight.  Your intent was clear.  I was addressing the
fact that you were apparently starting a separate effort divorced from
cygwin documentation.  I never said or implied that the effort wasn't
needed.  I was trying to convince you to change existing cygwin
documentation rather than starting your own separate effort.

I don't see any need to keep repeating this fact.  I'm sorry that you
took my suggestion as an attack.

FWIW, the situation with separate ssh documentation on Michael Erdeley's
site is precisely what I was trying to avoid.  This is why I provided
an account on to Michael Erdeley so that he could
modify the cygwin documentation/web site.  That never happened but
I still believe that putting important documentation at the project
web site makes sense and directly contributing efforts to the project
rather than to an offshoot is more profitable for the community.


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