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Re: Problems with Nano

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From: "Doug Jenkinson" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2003 12:13 PM
Subject: Problems with Nano

> Hey everyone,
> I've noticed a few items with nano and wanted to see if anyone else has
> experienced this.  First up, the usual information:
> OS: Win95
> Cygwin DLL: 1.3.22-1
> nano: 1.2.0-1
> First issue: When pressing Ctrl+C, I'm not seeing the current position
> displayed at the bottom of the screen.  Any thoughts?

this sounds like you dont have the right CYGWIN environment variable set.
Unless CYGWIN environment variable includes tty - ctrl-c and ctrl-x will not
function in nano, and a few other programs.

> Second issue: When I scroll up or down, sometimes text from on line
> persists to on that line as I scroll.  Example, text on line 4 will
> show up on the fourth line of the display, even if I scroll down
> hundreds of lines.  It is still displayed, but not part of the
> document, ie not saved only displayed.  Any thoughts.

this somewhat strange bug has been reported on nano mailing list a few
times, i'm hoping that it will get figured out in an upcoming version -
although the nano developers seem to think that it might be a bug with

Gareth - nano maintainer - whos going to check aspell-en just as soon as he
can stay awake for a few hours...

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