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Re: Native Microsoft Telnet Client Blows Past the Password Prompt

* (2003-06-14 12:26 +0200)
> I've looked through the archives and have not seen a write-up on this. I
> have the very latest cygwin everything installed on an MS 2000 Server.
> TERM=cygwin  is set in the profile. Running the telnetd daemon with
> inetutils. I have absolutely no problems connecting to this service with
> any client program except the native one that comes with every copy of MS
> 2000. The native one that comes with every earlier copy of MS Windows - 95,
> 98, NT4 works just fine. When I use the Native MS 2000 telnet I get the
> following output:
> [...]
> Essentially, it just blows right past the password prompt without pausing -
> apparently taking null as the password. This renders the MS 2000 Telnet
> client completely useless for direct telneting. For most I imagine this not
> a problem or even annoyance because probably just about every other client
> in existance works just fine. The problem for me, is that I work for a
> large organization, and I like the flexibility of being able to plop down
> at desktop anywhere - more than 5000 desktops - and telnet to any of the
> servers I manage and run scripts, do diagnosis, etc.

Jesus, it's 2003 and you're telnetting into your servers...

> Are these known problems, or am I missing something "REALLY" simple here?
> Is there something I can change to fix this?

unset ntlm

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