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Re: question re cygpcre.dll error message


On Thu, 5 Jun 2003, Bruce Elmegreen wrote:

> Dear Christopher,
FYI, you're addressing a mailing list.

> I downloaded setup.exe for cygwin from
> then ran it and installed from
> This had no problem.
> When I clicked on the desktop icon, I got a box with this error
> message:
> This application has failed to start because cygpcre.dll was not
> found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
> So I reinstalled from but each time it
> said my installation was complete.
> I have cygwin running fine on a older comnputer (Windows 2000 --
> the new computer is Windows DX) and there is no cygpcre.dll
> file there at all, as found by the search command.
> How do I solve this problem?
> Thanks so much,
> Bruce

This is a packaging bug in the libpcre package that has been fixed already
and should have propagated to some of the mirrors by now.  Try
reinstalling libpcre using setup.  If that doesn't work (i.e., your mirror
didn't get the update yet), try "cp /bin/cygpcre-0.dll /bin/cygpcre.dll"
for now, and make sure you reinstall libpcre some time soon.
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