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Re: Cygwinperl & tar on Win9x (really tar)

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 06:28:22PM +0100, Max Bowsher wrote:
> Soren Andersen wrote:
> > Hello Cygwinauts,
> > My system is Win98 and I suspect from absence of reports concerning this
> > that somehow this isn't affecting people on other-derived M$ Windows
> > platforms.

> I habitually use the old-style options, and have never encountered a
> segfault - but I'm using WinXP.

> I suggest you ensure that all your packages are up to date, and ensure you
> really are running Cygwin's tar.
> If the segfault persists, try reinstalling the cygwin and tar packages.
> If still no luck, you could try a full reinstall of Cygwin, or debugging the
> segfault by using gdb on an unstripped version of tar.

Hi Max, thanks. I am going to continue to be unsurprised that anyone
running WinXP, or Win2K, has not encountered this. There must be
hundreds of Cygwin users who, accustomed to the old-style switches, use
them everyday on these platforms. If this had been present it would have
been reported long before; after all its not like one can get away
without using `tar' in *nix-like computing ;-).

I suspect it is going to have to be the full-out last scenario (running
unstripped tar under gdb to watch where the segfault happens) and
nothing less will track this down. I especially think so because I in
fact have just ... 5-6 days ago ... updated most of my cygwin
installation, including core cygwin itself and most of the primary
packages. Since I had used CPAN before then (but not for quite a long
time, because as I keep mentioning as an aside, 90% of the time I am
booted into Linux thesed days), I thought to myself (when this
happened), "ah, this is recent, somethin' dun got broke".

One trouble underlaying all this is that there really are some huge
differences between the Windows OS' descended from 9x and those
descended from NT. When I sat down last year and wrote my first very-own
Windows-specific full-fledged program (a tool to track the 'parentage'
-relationship of processes running on the Windows computer) I was
appalled at how much extra effort it took to try and make it runnable
under both NT and 9x (essentially a complete rewrite, a different
codebase, of course). I therefore *really do* understand why things that
work for Max or Larry or Chris on cygwin-ontopof-NT don't always work
for me.

   Soren A.
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